About Japan Society of Colour Material

Objective and Historical Background of the Society

The main objective of the society is, through various activities, to promote and extend scientific and technological knowledge concerning colour materials, to assist not only academic or industrial progress in this field but also for the improvement of our lives and environment.

Japan Society of Colour Material (JSCM) was intially established in 1927 as the Association for Pigments, Paints and Printing Inks. The Association was then reorganized in 1937 before being incorporated as the present Society in 1943. It is the only academic and professional organization in the field of colour materials in Japan.


Membership is open to individuals and corporate bodies who are interested in colour materials from an academic and or technological point of view. The registered membership of the Society includes 200 corporate bodies and 2,000 individuals, variously engaged in research, production, application and management at universities, colleges, institutes and industrial companies.

Responsibility for the management of the Society is taken by the President, four Vice Presidents, the Editorial Committee Chairman, the General Affairs Director, the Account Director and Liason Directors. One of the Vice Presidents is mainly responsible for General Affairs and Liason, and the other Vice Presidents are primarily responsible for the local branches.

The main office of the Society is located in Tokyo. The Society also has 3 branches covering Kanto (Eastern Japan), Kansai (Western Japan) and Chubu (Central Japan). These branch offices are located in Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya respectively, to assist and organize local activities.


The activities of the Society comprise the publication of periodical journals and books, annual meetings, awards, discussion and lecture meetings, seminars and symposia as well as technical exchange and cooperation with related organizations.

The Society deals with activities in a wide field of colour materials such as pigments, paints, printing inks, raw materials, intermediates, functional products, additives, cosmetics, textiles, papers, ceramics, plastics, characterization, test equipment and so on. For the purpose of the development of these activities, four Divisions (Pigments, Coatings, Printing Inks, Colour Material Characterization) and six Research Groups (Pigment Technology, Physics and Chemistry of Coatings, Wood Finishing, Coating Technology, Colour Science, Printing Ink Technology) are managed separately to cover specific interests.

In addition, international exchange with 38 overseas organizations is carried out, as is the organization of international conferences.


Journal of the Japan Society of Colour Material

The JSCM journal publishes research papers, technological articles, review reports, relevant notes, and related explanations with the aim of contributing to the progress and development of science and technology concerning color material and peripheries. Research is completed only when it is summarized in an article and published in print. The editorial committee desires to increase the number of posted articles and publish them as early as possible. The committee hopes members will contribute many articles and utilize the JSCM journal fully for their benefit. Articles are welcome either in Japanese or in English.

Article submission guideline

Back number indexes for Journal of the Japan Society of Colour Material

One page of JSCM Journal articles, explanations, and lectures in Japanese, respectively, are now made available for a view as a sample. JSCM Journal back numbers can be viewed on J-Stage as well. The link is (https://www.jstage.jst.go.jp/browse/shikizai/).

Release of JSCM Journal on J-Stage in digital format

To the general public, JSCM releases all research papers, technological articles, review reports, relevant notes, and prompt reports of the journal online three months after each printed edition was issued. Explanatory papers, including explanations, reviews, and lectures, are released exclusively to members. However, nonmembers can view explanations published in Vol. 80 in 2007 or earlier free of charge.

Nonmembers are provided with access to explanatory papers, including explanations, reviews, and lectures, for a fee. Check the title and publication year of the target article using back number indexes on this site and apply to JSCM by FAX(+81‐3-3443-2811). The target paper is provided in the form of CD-ROM. The fee is 1,540 yen, including the tax, plus 160 yen in postage.

Annual Meetings

The Annual Technical Meeting is held each fall, alternating between Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya. As many as 100 original research papers are presented at oral and poster sessions, covering a wide range of subjects relating to pigments, paints, printing inks, products, characterization and so on. Plenary and Motegi Memorial lectures are also presented on special topics. A Technical Forum, for the dissemination of interesting and useful information and including an exhibition, is held concurrent to the meeting.

The Annual General Meeting held in February is one of the most important events of the Society. The schedule and budget of the Society for the following year, as well as the Annual Reports, are approved by all participating members.

Invited lectures, given by distinguished scientists and engineers, covering a wide field of topics of current interest are presented in parallel with this meeting.



A. The Japan Society of Colour Material Best Paper Award and the Japan Society of Colour Material Technology Award

The Japan Society of Colour Material confers two awards: one to the best research paper and the other to the best technology.

The selection is based on the evaluation criteria of the JSCM award selection committee. Both awards aim to encourage research on color material and the development of relevant technologies. The winners are commended at the annual research presentation meeting.

The JSCM best paper award is presented to the research paper that is recognized to be the best among those published in the JSCM Journal of the previous year. The JSCM technology award is granted to an outstanding technology that has contributed to the development of color material-related industries.

B. The JCSM Highest Access Ranking Paper/Review Award

This award is conferred to the research paper/note or the review paper/article that was posted to the JSCM Journal in the previous year or the year before and earned the greatest number of access on J-Stage between January 1 and December 31 of the previous year, including access aiming to view the abstract or download the full content in the PDF format. The winner is praised during the annual general meeting.

C. The Excellent Lecture Award and the Great Poster Award

These awards are presented to several oral sessions and poster sessions that are considered to be exemplary among those that were presented at the annual research presentation meeting.

D. The CSI (Coating Society International) Medallion

During the JSCM Anniversary Conference, held every five years, the CSI president confers the Best Lecture Award to the greatest lecture and the Young Scientist Award to the outstanding young researcher who gave his lecture. The winners are commended during the banquet.

The winner of the 2017 90th Anniversary Conference Best Lecture Award was “Control of Molecular Machines at Interface” by Waka Nakanishi at the International Center for Materials Nanoarchitectonics, the National Institute for Materials Science.

The 2017 90th Anniversary Conference Young Scientist Award was awarded to Mai Mizutani at the Tokyo Institute of Technology for “Processing and Photocatalytic Activity of (Mo, W) O3 Based Materials”.)

Discussion and Lecture Meetings and Study Programs

During the year more than 30 discussion meetings are also arranged, in which there are presentations and active discussions on selected themes which meet those of the respective Research Groups.
Lecture Meetings are organized by the three Branches to widen and deepen present knowledge on topics of current interest in all fields relating to colour materials.
Study programmes are held annually as training courses for freshmen newly engaged in companies. These programmes are prepared by the Kanto and Kansai Branches. Symposia and Observation Visits are also organized by the Branches on a yearly basis.

International Technical Exchange

The Society takes part in international co-operation as a constituent member of the CSI (Coating Societies International) by regular and mutual visiting of representatives. The Society maintains contact with 33 overseas academic and professional associations and societies in 11 countries, as well as 5 international organizations, by exchanging information and publications.

Society members participate every year in major international conferences such as FSCT, OCCA, FATIPEC, SLF, SCAA, SCANZ etc. by the presentation of papers.

The International Conference (80th ACCM), with the theme ” New Fields in Colour and Coatings “, was held in Tokyo in 2007 to commemorate the 80th anniversary.

Past Presidents

  • S. Hirano (Gov. Chem. Ind. Res. Inst., Tokyo)
  • S. Hirose (Min. Railways)
  • K. Yamagami (Min. Finance, Dept. Print)
  • T. Hirota (Patent Agency)
  • H. Tanaka (Tanaka Toryo Kogyo Co., Ltd.)
  • C. Tezuka (Nippon Kokyu Toryo Co., Ltd.)
  • R. Shinoda (Sci. inst. Military Force)
  • S. Hirano (Gov. Chem. Ind. Res. Inst., Tokyo)
  • M. Shirato (Shirato Chem. Lab., Pres.)
  • T. Hirota (Nippon Oil & Fat Co., Ltd.)
  • M. Fujita (Fujita Kigyo Co., Ltd., Pres.)
  • K. Ohashi (Nippon Oil & Fat Co., Ltd.)
  • T. Matsumoto (Taiyo Paint Co., Ltd., Pres.)
  • S. Tada (Nippon Paint Co., Ltd., Pres.)
  • M. Kodama (Kansai Paint Co., Ltd., Pres.)
  • O. Fujisawa (Fuji Polymer Ind, Co., Ltd., Pres.)
  • T. Kuwata (Univ. Tokyo, Prof.)
  • Y. Shiota (Kansai Paint Co., Ltd.)
  • S. Tamehiro (Nippon Inst. Technology)
  • S. Kawashima (Nippon Oil & Fat Co., Ltd.)
  • K. Ueki (Inst. Vocational Train., Prof.)
  • K. Meguro (Science Univ. Tokyo, Prof.)
  • Y. Oyabu (Nippon Paint Co., Ltd.)
  • N. Kishi (Atomix Co., Ltd.)
  • I. Kumano (Toyo Ink Mfg. Co., Ltd.)
  • Y. Sasaki (Kansai Paint Co., Ltd., Pres.)
  • S. Hamada (Science Univ. Tokyo, Prof.)
  • T. Shinohara (Dainihon Paint Co., Ltd.)
  • T. Amari (Chiba Univ. Prof.)
  • K. Tsutsui (Nippon Paint Co., Ltd.)
  • S. Ito (Kinki Univ. Prof.)
  • K. Kuwano (Nippon Paint Co., Ltd.)
  • M. Abe (Tokyo Univ. of Science, Prof.)
  • N. Kawashima (International Pacific Univ. Prof.)
  • S. Mori (Fuji Pigment Co., Ltd.,Pres.)